Corvus Insurance & Centraleyes Live Product Webinar:

Join us on this special, collaborated webinar session where Sagar Shah, Senior Manager of GRC at Corvus Insurance, and Yair Solow, Founder and CEO of Centraleyes, will meet at an intriguing panel discussion focused on understanding the biggest pain points of cyber risk and compliance management for insurance policyholders, and provide priceless best practices on how to relieve them.


In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Utilize the power of automation and orchestration to reduce manual activities such as score correlation, building out risk registers and open gaps remediation
  • Leverage smart mapping of common controls between frameworks to alleviate assessment fatigue and liberate InfoSec teams to focus on proactive risk mitigation
  • Generate real-time dashboards with actionable insights and reports, and benchmark your progress over time with the click of a button

About Corvus Insurance

Corvus Insurance is building a safer world through insurance products and digital tools that reduce risk, increase transparency, and improve resilience for policyholders and program partners. Our market-leading specialty insurance products are enabled by advanced data science and include Smart Cyber Insurance® and Smart Tech E+O™. Our digital platforms and tools enable efficient quoting and binding and proactive risk mitigation. Corvus Insurance was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices across the U.S., in the UK, and Germany. Visit for more information.

About Centraleyes

Centraleyes is a next-generation GRC platform that gives organizations an unparalleled understanding of their cyber risk and compliance. The platform addresses the main pain points of GRC by providing no-code deployment with single-day implementation and onboarding, automation and orchestration of data collection and analysis, and real-time dashboards and reports that enable its customers to make smarter strategic decisions. This is truly cyber risk management reimagined.



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What Customers Say About Centraleyes

“Using the Centraleyes platform helped us to significantly cut down the time we used to spend running risk assessments. The features in the platform, such as the risk register, reporting dashboards and remediation center, help guide us in better allocating our resources and making decisions.”
Jennifer Habshush
GRC Specialist
“Our Navigator Risk Assessment service powered by the Centraleyes platform has been a huge success with our clients and has been a critical enabler for increasing professional services and subscription revenue”
Mark Weait